President's message



Welcome to Cyprus


George Chr. Michaelides Dear Visitor,

Cyprus, is a magical island in a warm blue sea, a little world-within-a-world, so old yet so ageless, where History, Legend and Reality blend in charm and harmony.

Weathered by a long and colourful history, and steeped in a rich and fascinating culture, the genuine hospitality of its people have made Cyprus an ideal place for the discerning traveler.

Perhaps there is no other place on earth where within 9,000 square kilometers there is enough diversified topography to allow numerous different pursuits to be followed. The island is a real paradise for everyone who wishes to relax purposefully. Botanists, painters, golfers, photographers, sailing, walking and biking enthusiasts, bird watchers, art lovers, geologists, students of folklore and lovers of unaltered culture, will discover a most original island. The hospitable Cypriots practice time honoured crafts such as wine and lace making, wood carving, weaving and pottery.

The Cyprus Association for Cultural & Special Interest Tourism, which promotes the island’s unique cultural and special interest attractions, is looking forward to welcoming you to Cyprus.

CyprusMore than 50 specialists in Cultural, Hobby and Special Interest Tourism are offering their services to the receptive and aware traveler, who is conscious of his own motivations for traveling and who is seeking to satisfy his own needs for self-realisation. These specialists cover all aspects of special interest tourism with one objective, to demonstrate that Cyprus is more than just a sun, sand and sea destination and to emphasise the human dimension of Tourism i.e. to offer quality upgraded holidays near man and the nature of Cyprus.

In this publication are some of the activities of the Members of our Association and their contact addresses.

Whenever you consider visiting Cyprus, rest assured that the traditional welcome and friendliness, as well as the professionalism of the members of the Cyprus Association for Cultural & Special Interest Tourism, await you.

George Chr. Michaelides


The Cyprus Association for Cultural & Special Interest Tourism